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Guaranteed pest removal with no hassle for you

Bug Johnsons was founded by two technicians that broke away from a large nationwide pest service organization after being frustrated with never being able to fully offer customers the full service, care and professionalism they need and deserve. We have licensed entomologists on staff. All of our technicians are certified by New York State. Our technicians will leverage their years of experience and training to help identify and administer the appropriate actions to maximize pest control.


We train each technician –our most valuable resource— to deliver excellent service to our customers.  We become fully familiar with our customer’s environment and specific requirements. Bug Johnsons cultivates lasting business relationships that build build on strengths and values.


Based on values of integrity, ethics and professionalism, our technicians are certified and have over 20 years in industry experience


We cultivate lasting business relationships built on honest, reliable methods that produce results. We look at the big picture and think outside the box to make our recommenations.


Effective pest control from sound training, products, techniques, and tools. We are never tempted to offer clients a "quick fix", because we believe that the success of our business depends on delivering a service that we can be proud of.